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Introducing the 4 over-complicated parts of our lives

Uncategorized Feb 07, 2020

In this segment, we explore the four main parts of our lives that often get over complicated.  We are also introducing our new World Dominators Academy where we will inspire, teach, and guide how to simplify the main parts of our lives and regain our energy stolen by the stress we find ourselves under.  

The four main areas of our lives are: 

1. Financial - how we spend our money and what debt does to our peace of mind.  

2. Home - a place of quiet respite and...

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5 Tips to a Healthy Workspace - Less is More


In our, Less is More series we teach about decluttering as one of the series topics.  Here are 5 tips to help get started as we regain our workspace toward a more productive state.  

“Ok, my desk is a mess and I feel overwhelmed. I feel that I have so much to do and no plan of attack to do it.  My head hurts.  Hang on; I have a phone call.  Ok, where was I?  Oh yes, getting my desk cleaned off with all this stuff piling up around me.  But before I...

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Fielding highly-charged energy over the phone.

Someone is calling the help desk. If that person is like me, they’ve already spent way too much of their time trying to figure out the problem and nothing seems to work. They’re frustrated, tired, and out of resources. You’re their last line of defense. You’re their only hope. If you can’t fix the problem, all is lost.

That’s a lot of pressure for the help desk person. Especially since the person on the phone is in an emotional state that makes it difficult...

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