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"If you can't be good,
then be awesome!"

My name is Tom. I am an adoptive parent and family life coach and I help adoptive parents learn easy-to-use tools and skills to enjoy a more extraordinary family life. From learning what we all wished we would have learned earlier - to make clear sense of practical advice and mindsets.
I invite you to work with me to discover what you may be missing out on today. 
Click on my calendar link below to schedule your free no-obligation 20-minute introductory session. I would love to meet you and get to know your specific needs. 
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I know what a stressed-out and emotionally bankrupt life feels like. I was once there. I've learned how bad choices affect one's life. And then, I discovered a way to make better choices and live easily again.  I invite you to sit with me while I share life-changing stories. Then, join me for a class or workshop and see that making a better life can be simple, easy, and fun. After all, if you can't have a good life, then make your life awesome!

 Tom Beeson