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Your Guides -
Tom and Rebecca Beeson

If you struggle with money issues, or clutter, or stressful work, or a lack of deep spiritual faith, then you are not alone. We help you and guide you through your struggle. We invite you to enroll in our courses and coaching. And with our guidance, you will find fresh new energy, greater clarity, and a map in a new direction. All the things a World Dominator needs to take control of their life while having fun.

Tom is a CTA Certified Life Coach, speaker, facilitator, and co-founder of our very own World Dominator Academy (co-created with his cat, Samantha). Tom is also an engineer and  technology educator. 

Rebecca is an experienced Instructional Designer, trainer, and course developer with a passion for developing and delivering quality learning products. She holds a Masters Degree in Educational Technology and has 25+ years of experience in adult learning.  

Tom and Rebecca are joined together in this adventure, and together we are TRB Coaching.