Introducing the 4 over-complicated parts of our lives

Feb 07, 2020

In this segment, we explore the four main parts of our lives that often get over complicated.  We are also introducing our new World Dominators Academy where we will inspire, teach, and guide how to simplify the main parts of our lives and regain our energy stolen by the stress we find ourselves under.  

The four main areas of our lives are: 

1. Financial - how we spend our money and what debt does to our peace of mind.  

2. Home - a place of quiet respite and shelter to decompress from a hard day's work.  A place of joy and peace. 

3. Career - doing the work we love that gives us energy and helps to fulfill lour life's mission and purpose.  

4. Personal Life - giving back to ourselves and our community.  Finding places where we can celebrate and regenerate our energy. 

We will be exploring all four of these areas in future blogs, courses, and group coaching sessions.  In addition please see our main site @ for additional resources and special offers.  

Thanks for watching! 

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